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Human Behavior Lab Creating BEtter Presentations is a Course

Creating BEtter Presentations

Ended Dec 7, 2021
5 credits

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Full course description

Regardless of your role or industry, you are in the business of influencing people. And getting others to “buy in” on an idea (at home, work, or from a stage) is much easier when you understand the rules of the brain. Turning random data points into a great presentation that gets people to follow your vision is a key leadership technique. This 3-week course will help students understand the brain and how to work with it to be a better communicator using presentations.


The course instructor is Melina Palmer, founder and CEO of The Brainy Business, which provides behavioral economics consulting to businesses of all sizes from around the world. Her podcast, The Brainy Business, has downloads in over 160 countries. Melina worked in corporate marketing and brand strategy for over a decade before earning her master’s in behavioral economics. She has contributed research to the Association for Consumer Research, Filene Research Institute, and runs the Behavioral Economics & Business column for Inc Magazine. Check out her first book, What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You. 

Curriculum Outline (subject to change)

In this class, students can expect to learn about: 

·         Why and how to properly incorporate stories into your presentations.

·         Using priming to create a better background for virtual meetings.

·         How to reframe your message so it appeals to your target audience.

·         How the brain “chunks” information, and how to use that in your presentations.