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Behavioral Marketing (Fall '22) is a Course

Behavioral Marketing (Fall '22)

Sep 10, 2022 - Nov 20, 2022

$730 Enroll

Full course description

Behavioral Marketing 

Marketing is the fuel that drives the topline growth of today’s most successful businesses.  However, consumers are bombarded with over 6,000 advertisements every day. To survive the over-concentrated world of advertising, our subconscious activates a powerful psychological filter that eliminates 87% of marketing from ever reaching consciousness. How do you compete in this new world of massive psychological resistance to marketing? 

This in-depth course will teach you how behavioral science, specifically mindstate marketing, can be applied to design messaging that seamlessly passes through this filter.  This 10-week course, a powerful elective class of the Certificate in Applied Behavioral Economics, will provide a foundation to begin developing psychologically optimized marketing creative that gets people to listen, care, and act.   


The course instructor is Will Leach, author of the best-selling book Marketing to Mindstates, a practical guide to applying behavioral design to research and marketing and the founder and CEO of TriggerPoint Design and Mindstate Group. Will has over 25 years of behavioral insights experience, including running PepsiCo’s behavioral research lab, and is a behavioral design instructor at the Cox School of Business BLC at Southern Methodist University and a 2-time winner of the EXPLOR Award for behavioral science research innovation.

Will is an expert in using behavioral psychology to optimize marketing creative and is a frequent contributor to Forbes writing about behavioral economics and behavioral marketing. 

Curriculum Outline

In this class, students can expect to learn about: 

·         The need for behavioral science in sales and marketing

·         The key behavioral factors influencing peoples’ attitudes, preferences, and beliefs

·         A 4-part model to guide the design of psychologically optimized marketing strategies

·         How to activate on your customers’ goals to focus their attention on your messaging

·         How to prime an implicit, uncontrollable desire for your brand

·         Framing offers to make them feel natural to your customers using their regulatory focus

·         Create easy short-cuts in your marketing to trigger customers to act

·         Using your customer’s verbatims to identify their unique Mindstate to message against

·         Applying Mindstate Marketing to message to your customer’s subconscious

·         Learn from the experts: The story behind the development of Wicked Crisps

·         Auditing your marketing creative for maximum business impact 



➡️ FAQs ⬅️

Who is this course for? 
Our classes are designed specifically for practitioners and professionals in a wide range of fields. The courses are more applied than theoretical, so whether you are established in your corporate career and looking for an edge (or change of pace) or an entrepreneur and everything in between, you will benefit from this course. 

Is there an application form to sign up for this course? 
Yes, once you click on the Enroll button you will be prompted to answer a series of questions that we view as your application. We strongly believe that everyone should have an opportunity to knowledge, but if we determine that you would not be a good fit for the course then we will promptly refund your money.

How is the course taught? 
This program is entirely online so students from around the world can participate. One aspect that makes this course unique is that it is the lecture is prerecorded so you can listen whenever you wish. Students can choose to attend the virtual office hour and interact with fellow students and the instructor or they can watch the recorded discussion later. The course is pass/fail with the majority of graded material being posted discussions with your class cohorts.

What if I have questions about the course material? 
Each week we will offer online “Office Hours” so you can talk directly with the instructors.

How long is the course? 
The course is 10-weeks long. Each week you will have readings and assignments to complete.

What about course materials?

You are required to purchase Will Leach's Marketing To Mindstates. We have adjusted the price of the course $20 below normal to accommodate for purchasing this book.

Where can I learn more about the Certificate Program? 
For full details, visit Certificate Program.

How much of a time commitment is required each week? 
We would suggest that you allot 2-3 hours to complete the readings, assignments, and watching the presentations. Most weeks we will have optional readings in case you are really interested in that week’s topic and want to dig in more, but that is completely up to you.

What are the technical requirements? 
We use the online learning platform, Canvas that we will grant you access to once you enroll in a course. As long as you have access to the internet you should be good to go. Also, it would help if your computer has a camera and microphone enabled so you can take full advantage of the “Office Hours” and to be able to ask questions during the class, though this is not required.

Are the course credits transferable to either a Bachelor’s or Master’s program? 
No. Courses offered through are non-credit bearing courses. These are offered as opportunities to learn new skills and enhance job performance and to assist numerous professional licensing and accrediting bodies that require continuing education as a provision for the preservation of good standing in their industry. Those who complete the full Certificate program in Applied Behavioral Economics will receive a certificate of completion. 

How many courses can I take at any one time? 
We want to ensure students take time and learn the material deeply so we limit students to taking up to 2 courses per semester.  There are opportunities to take shorter condensed courses in between semesters. (If you are participating in the full Certificate in Applied Behavioral Economics, you can take two condensed courses in place of one elective.)

Can you drop a course once it has started? 
Yes, you can drop any required or elective course before the second week of class for a full refund.  You will receive a 50% refund between weeks two and five. 

What is the Human Behavior Laboratory? 
The Human Behavior Laboratory at Texas A&M University is one of the largest biometrics lab in the academic world, bringing together a transdisciplinary team of leading researchers and advanced technology to deliver insights never before produced at this scale and speed. From marketing and education to nutrition and economics, biometric research applies to a wide range of disciplines. When you understand how people make decisions, you can be better prepared to help them make better ones. Individuals can make better life choices about their health, finances, relationships, what they buy and how they manage risk. Businesses can increase product recognition and sales if they know what customers really want and how to reach them. Health providers can increase patient compliance and success by understanding how to motivate patients to develop self-control and adopt healthy behaviors.

After I have enrolled/registered for my course, how do I log in to view more information about it? 
Once you have registered for a course, workshop or conference, additional information can be found in the Catalog listing.  Go to and click “Login” in the upper-right corner of the website.


Additional Questions? If they are about Continuing Education at TAMU go here. Otherwise, please contact the program manager at HBL@TAMU.EDU



Ready to Enroll? Great! We look forward to seeing you in class on September 10, 2022!